Quantum Safety




Quantum Safety is a new approach for organisations interested in high performance and growing beyond their behavioural safety initiatives.

Sir Isaac Newton developed our understanding of physics with his seminal works in the late seventeenth century. This gave us our understanding of how the world works, gravity, forces, every push and every pull were explained.

This remained the case until Einstein, Bhor and Planck developed an understanding of how the world worked at the Quantum level. Here the large, deterministic laws of Newton didn’t apply. The quantum world was too complex. There were too many minute interactions to be explained by our previous understanding of how the world worked.

Industrial Health & Safety became an integral part of the workplace during the 1970s. The systems that followed were engineered and grown from that point. They understand organisations as simple mechanism, it is a world of simple cause and effect or rows of dominos.

In the 50 years that followed, nearly everything has changed within the workplace. Apart from our understanding of Safety. Here the classical, Newtonian views remain. Our organisations, processes and work have all become infinitely more complex, but those minute interactions have not been analysed and understood. Until now.

Quantum Safety is not a replacement for existing H&S systems.

Quantum Safety does not undo any progress made by behavioural based approaches.

It is not just Safety done differently.

Quantum Safety goes beyond those approaches, builds on them, and helps organisations to understand and excel in the modern, complex world.

Quantum Safety creates real, tangible change. It is not a vehicle for lofty targets or expensive campaigns, Quantum Safety equips organisations to plan progress, test change and generate real, lasting results.

Quantum Safety Overview